• The Chipmunk

    The Chipmunk

    So...I don't know if you have ever tried to capture a chipmunk on camera, but here's how it goes.  You look through your view finder waiting for that perfect shot when it's sitting up just looking at you, begging you to snap a picture. You keep looking through the view finder.  Here one second, there the next second.  Back and forth again...and again...and again.  Finally your eyes get blurry from not being able to focus on the hyper little guy who finds staying in one place as practical as you would find another hole in your head.  You shoot blur after blur after blur.  Your group has long since moved leaving you alone to attempt this epic picture in the making.  Just as you're about to walk away in frustration, it happens.  The little rodent stops, gets on it's haunches, and picks up some grass to nibble on. SNAP!!  There you have it!