• My Friend

    The Lord layed this on my heart a while back and I thought you would enjoy it!

    Oh! Come with me, and be my friend!
    My love for you can have no end.
    Please say that I may bask a while
    'Neathe the reflection of your smile.

    Your eyes have found and made me whole,
    A blessed fortress to my soul.
    Reveal to me, oh won't you show
    That part of you I long to know?

    Fling wide your arms and fear no harm;
    Our love need cause you no alarm.
    With hold not your charm and splendor,
    For you surpass all in your gender.

    Could you but see the world through eyes
    Like mine, you'd know there's no despise
    for you in me. Though life is hard,
    In you I place my high'st regard.